So, I joked the other day on Slightly Off-Topic about the doctor calling to tell me that I had the plague, and sure enough, within 24 hours of posting the strip, the doctor called… go figure.

Well, actually, a nurse that the doctor asked to speak to me called… way to show the personal touch there, bub.  Regardless, the call was to let me know that my gravy-like cholesterol levels are responding to diet and exercise.  My LDL is down by about 40 and my HDL is up another 10.  These seem to be a good thing…

…but then she said the doctor wants me to consider a statin medicine.  Am I wrong to think that if my body is responding (smaller, better bp, cholesterol adjusting) that perhaps we should give it another six months before deciding to take up a lifestyle of harsh medication?

Well, I politely declined, but then she asked if I’d be interested in enrolling in an intensive metabolic program (heavy exercise and diet) for six months to see if that would help drive the improvements which seemed pretty reasonable all things considered, so she’s trying to get me into that program.  We’ll see.  In any case, let’s run the numbers…

Food Intake:

  • Breakfast – Granola (Planters Bone Health) and Banana – 260 Calories
  • Lunch – Naked Broccoli stuffed chicken breasts – 360 calories
  • Snack – 1 Pecan Cluster – 53 calories
  • Dinner – a rather luxuriant KFC grilled chicken dinner with mashed potatoes and biscuit – 980 calories
  • Dessert – 1 piece homemade fudge – 200 calories

1853 calories total.

Oh my God, did the KFC hit the spot.  Exactly what I needed as it felt like an incredible splurge… of course, having meat twice on the day when I get the cholesterol call may be counter productive, but it is what it is.

Okay… time for me to officially begin the holidays.  Slightly Off-Topic has been uploaded for a Sunday update.  Saggy has been uploaded for Friday and Sunday’s update, so I intend to commence the relaxing!