Well, I’m sad to say that the weight machine finally had to go.  There is only so much space in the basement, and it was either keep the weight machine or keep the girls bikes (after all, the 4-bike rack only has room for my bikes).  Truth be told, I had pretty much fully transitioned to free weights and was only using it as a chair for doing preacher curls, so it wasn’t a big loss, but I was still sad to see it go.

It’s also true to say that disassembling the thing and hauling it out to the lot provided a much more intense workout than I’d had on the thing in a long, long time.

I ended up putting it out in the “free to a good home” spot, and it promptly disappeared, so it’s not contributing to a landfill either, so all is well.

Next up:  Good weight-loss-related news!