So, my mom was kind enough to give me her old ProForm recumbant exercise bike when she switched to an elliptical.  This is nice as I can use it, and put Laurie’s bike on the training, so we don’t have to keep switching bikes out.

I actually do get a lot of exercise, but it’s in the walking and lifting variety, and no real emphasis on the aerobics.  Now, I have mentioned that I use dance games for this, but having this other option is very useful as you don’t feel like you’re always doing the same thing.  With two easy options, it’s now time to set the goal for actually doing it a certain number of times a week… and it burns calories, so that’s a perk.

So, it’s actually kind of a nice machine.  The electronic console is dead (spent too much time in the garage with the batteries still in it, and they are hopelessly corroded), but that really only provided pulse and calorie information which I can do without.  The tension adjusts from “spin your lungs out” to “tough enough to annoy one’s knees”, so I’m quite pleased.  I have it plopped down in front of the TV so that I can watch things whilst I spin (though when I’m really spinning, it’s best not to try and follow anything with a plot!).

Brittany came home from Texas last night (Tuesday), so I was at the airport at midnight.  That was fun, but it’s always nicer to have her home than not… of course, she goes back to school on Saturday, so… have to squeeze in some quality Daddy/Daughter time while the option is there, eh…

So, let’s run the numbers…

Food Intake:

  • Breakfast – Post Trail Mix Crunch with skim milk – 250 calories
  • Lunch – Salad with tomatoes and bulgur – 215 calories
  • Afternoon snack – Fiber One Oatmeal and chocolate bar and a clementine – 190 calories
  • Dinner – last of the kfc and a biscuit – 700 calories
  • Evening snack – popcorn – 425 calories
  • Late night snack – whole wheat cheese cracker samiches – 180 calories

1960 calories total which is a good match to the 2000 calorie goal.  Exercise was a good 30 minute sprint session on the bike.  No calorie numbers though…