So… yeah… I’m stubborn.  I know what I know and would prefer reality warp around my world view rather than adjusting to reality as it presents itself.  What did the man say?  “I reject your reality and substitute my own.”  That there is a recipe for greatness… it’s also the recipe for disaster…

…and I said I’d give this Metabolic Program a try… and I’ve already paid for it, so it’s probably best that I leave that chip on my shoulder at the door, and use it as an opportunity to learn… I guess…

I arrived today at the Doc’s for a review of my stress test and blood draws… the numbers were not terribly dissimilar from before, but they did manage to paint a dire picture if I don’t change my ways (which is their job, of course… motivation and all).  Regardless, I met the doc in the fitness center and noticed that I was immediately different than EVERYONE else using the equipment.  It’s been a long time since I was the youngest guy in the room… and I was the youngest guy by decades… which was odd, but whatever.  I’m sure that once the classes start the actual group will be a bit more balanced.

Anyway, we went to a side room to go over my results, and I almost made it through the entire session without snapping.  I’ve discussed before how I have difficulty with doctors speaking to me in baby talk rather than as someone with some semblance of scientific training.  To be fair, I imagine that most of the people they deal with haven’t had any training, but when she started explaining that HDL is a good cholesterol which is responsible for cleaning all that yuck out of my blood, I had to stop her.  I have my limits.

I was, of course, very polite, but I did point out that we’d probably make more headway if we just discussed the actual results as she would with one of her peers.  It went better after that.

From the results, I now have some very solid numbers for my heart rate ranges.  My resting heart rate has actually gone down from my previous 75 bpm (yikes!) to 66 which is a perk.  My max heart rate is down from 5 years ago, but we’ll get that dealt with (always excepting the age thing, of course).  In any case, I have usable zones now which are based on numbers measured by someone other than me, and that will be useful.

We then discussed exercise which I will cover tomorrow and nutrition which I will cover Thursday.  She then made it very clear that they want me to stop focusing on weight.

What, what, Whaaat?!?

They are have their priorities (which I plan to cover on Friday) and want me to focus on exercise and nutrition rather than weight loss.  In fact, for the entire 12 weeks, they only want me to target losing 18 pounds… which doesn’t seem like very much to me, but it is the recommended 1-2 pounds per week, so I shouldn’t complain, but it seems weird.  While I will be weighing nearly daily (just to track my body’s response to various stimuli), they really seem to be discouraging me from maintaining my ticker during the course of the program.

Which, again, is just weird… I’ll have to think about that.  On the one hand, it would (hopefully) make for a nice reveal in May when it’s over, but on the other hand… I like my ticker.

Anywho… she then says “Okay, let’s go exercise!”

“But you said we were just going over the results today.”

“Yes, but there’s no time like the present, and I have to show you how the equipment works.”


“Oh… but you are wearing a shirt and tie.”

“And a sweater, yes…”

Now, I know what you’re thinking… “but Dave… you never wear a shirt and tire… EVER.”  This is true.  It just so happens that I had a photo-shoot today for the U (just a head shot – no cheesecake), right before the doctor’s appointment.  A clever man would have thought to bring a change of clothes, but I am apparently not a clever man.  In any case, I now have full access to the gym and it’s equipment, so I will be able to make up for today’s faux pas in short order.

I’ll be back tomorrow to cover their view on exercise… and don’t worry… I’ll put the Saggy suit back on… Reality is just too weird…