I will admit to having been a bit fuzzy on the details of the Mediterranean lifestyle changes they are wanting me to make because, well… the program doesn’t start until next week, but I have been reading up to try and wrap my brain around it all.  I was doing well until I came across this line:

You should limit your red meat intake to once or twice a month and no more than 12-14 ounces per month.

Oh Ye Gods!  Say it ain’t so… I love my red meat!

…but I said I was going to do this…  I am allowed poultry 2-3 times a week, plus seafood, so it’s not like I’m suffering… just a change of focus.  When I need ground meat, I’ll have to grind my own chicken or turkey breasts though… that stuff you get at the store is mostly skin and other “bits”.  So… brief panic, but I’ve adapted.

Laurie is less that thrilled about the upcoming changes.  I thought she was going to burst into tears when I loaded the shopping cart with lentils (Hey!  Did you know you can get lentils in green or orange?!?) and chickpeas and such, but she got downright cross when I mentioned the red meat thing…  really cross!… I’ll have to work on that.

Heart Rate Chart

I have cut the treadmill out at the gym.  I fail to understand why I can walk on the ground perfectly well, but my balance is so bad on a treadmill… In any case, the time on the treadmill was causing the area around the upper bolt on my tibial surgical implant to seriously hurt, and I imagine that when a bolt through your bone is causing you pain, that it’s probably a warning sign, so… pass.  I thought I’d just increase the bike time from 15-30 minutes, but as the sharp-eyed will notice from the image above, I only made it 20 on the bike.  I do intervals on the bike and push it pretty hard, so I blew the legs within twenty.  I’ll continue to increase every day and will get it back up to 1 hour cardio in a few days, I imagine.