So, not to blow my own horn, but I’ve lost a phenomenal amount of weight.  Sadly, I’m still shy of half of what I want/need to lose, but it’s a lot, and it’s having its effects.  Less joint pain, more energy, tremendously lower bank balance due to the need to keep buying smaller clothes… you get the idea… but I’ve spoken before about some of the negatives of weight loss…

Specifically, the sagging.  Skin does not magically retract.  If you pull the stuffing out of a stretched sack of skin, all it’s going to do is sag… a LOT.

Now, I’ve always been a fan of longer shirts.  I only buy “tall” sizes, and that is a very good thing because to keep my gut in control, I really have to hike my pants up and stuff it down the front, and a long shirt helps hide the Ed Grimley-ness of it all.  Interestingly, as I continue to lose weight, I’m starting to feel just a bit fatter because of the big bunch of “stuffed stomach” down the front of my trousers.  It kinda gets in the way.

Is that a deflated stomach in your pants or are you just glad to see me?!?

It’s a stomach, and that punchline just doesn’t work as well, you know?  I tried to wear a shirt and tie the other day, but without an outer layer, you can’t hike things up and stuff, and it just looked… ridiculous, so I switched to a polo.  Not entirely appropriate for the occasion, but a much better look.

It does make me wonder about the end game.  Where is all of this skin going to go, and is it going to do it in a timely manner, or will the docs need to slice bits away as you see on various TLC programs?  Time will tell, I guess.

Food Intake:

  • Breakfast – Yoplait blueberry greek yogurt with granola
  • Lunch – Hummus with carrots and celery
  • Afternoon snack – Mandarin
  • Apres-workout snack – 10 olives and a windmill cookie
  • Dinner – Roast chicken with potatoes and an artichoke with garlic vinagerette

The chicken came out a bit bland.  I’ll have to do a better job rubbing it and spicing it in the future.  Not sure what happened here.  The artichoke was good.  I cooked 3, so I’ll have another today and one tomorrow.

Heart Rate Chart

The work out was good.  It’s a new week, so the c25k had me add another minute onto each rep.  The first set was easy.  The second left me a little winded and by the third I was glad it was over, but I didn’t fail or falter…

…and the toes remain flesh colored as opposed to black and blue.

I may actually, set the speed to a bit above the 5mph I’ve been doing.  Not because I want to go faster, my breathing says I don’t, but because the stride feels a bit too… staccato… I feel like the running would be more comfortable with a longer stride.  This, of course, is one of the drawbacks of running on a treadmill versus out in the big blue room, once you set a speed, you can choose pace or stride, not both.

Speaking of the big, blue room, I’ve got to start looking for a running path around the gym.  I strongly suspect that running on a treadmill is not the same as running on the road, and I want to make sure that at least one day a week is spent running on pavement… otherwise that 5k could get ugly!

Plus the weather is so nice…