So, it all started Tuesday.  I went to the gym, early as per usual, to get in my hour of cardio before group.  This week the trainer decided to have us a do a circuit that did not require any equipment, no bands, no straps and no weights.

The only thing that was required was a willingness to sacrifice one’s legs on the alter of pain.

The circuit was interesting including kicks, tricep push-ups and the like, but the centerpiece was the squat.  50 of them, I’m told.  Now, I have nothing against squats.  They are very effective, but it is possible that 50 of them was a wee bit excessive.  Then again, I only say that because it feels like my quads are trying to rip my crotch off and pop out my knees every time I should happen to try to stand up or sit down.


3-day heart chart

Wednesday, was a running day, of course, so I tried to proceed as normal.  I did up the speed to 5.2mph as I said I would last time.  This enabled me to lengthen my stride a bit which was more comfortable over all, but as you can see from the chart, had its aerobic consequences.  However, getting your heart rate over 90% is a good thing, so I’m calling it a win.

I also split the strength training up into three sections so as to reduce the amount of pain I get from the injured rotator cuff.  It was fairly effective.

Thursday’s workout was all about survival.  I tried all day to think of a good excuse not to go to the gym because of the muscle pain, but when you get down to it, I’m the one trying to change my life, so I’m the only one I’d be cheating on.  I wasn’t bleeding, so I went.

As you can see from the chart, it was mostly about maintenance.  I couldn’t really get my heart rate up high enough, my muscles didn’t have any glycogen to spare, so I just got in… put in the time and crawled home.  And that’s fine.  A new game starts today, after all, and I’ve got some running to do…