So, an interesting day today, food-wise.  I woke up CRAVING carbs.  I’m not on Atkins, so I’m in no way in any kind of no-carb zone, but I certainly restrict my diet, so I’m not swimming in any sort of excess feed, but I wanted carbs… and meat.

Now, I’m an emotional eater and know better than to trust a craving, but today was… different.  It wasn’t a case of I needed to eat these things or I was going to die or cry or… emote.  I just felt a need to eat a very specific foodstuff… which was weird.  Maybe my body was asking for materials as it continues to spackle up my knee and shoulder.  Maybe I was just low on calories from the last few days, but every time I thought about food, I thought about the same kind of food.

This sounds like an excuse to binge, binge and then binge…

…but instead, I opted to just have a sammich… a steak sandwich to be exact… nice carby bread and some meat… and some veggies thrown in as well… and that was it.  I ate it, I felt good about it, and I moved on.

Now the med folk won’t approve because it was a greater than 500 calorie meal that was not dominated by non-starchy vegetables, but most everything else I eat is, so there’s no need to panic.

It’s weird though…

As per exercise, here’s the charts for Monday and Tuesday:

Heart Chart

The key thing to note is the heart rate when doing anything but running.  I just can’t get it up into the appropriate range, and I feel like I’m dragging in the gym.  So, today… I’m doing upper-body-oriented cardio and otherwise resting.  I’ll do my next day of running tomorrow and my third day Saturday during the 5k (Walking the Big House challenge… I’ll just insert some running as well).  That will put me running T/Th/Sa next week which should work out just fine.