So, dropped another $100 on two new pair of smaller jeans again today.  Awesome and all, but dang fat clothes are expensive.  I lust after those $20 pairs of “normal” sized jeans I see at Meijers… makes me wish I could leave out a tip jar…

So ridiculously long treadmill session today…

heart chart

I went into the gym expecting to do my run and then a bit of bike.  I was nervous as this is the week they start adding on more time to the runs, and as I said, Saturday SUCKED.  However, as I was doing my warm-up and just about to start running the physiologist strolled up and reminded me that it was Michigan challenge day and I needed to do my ten-minute challenge session.  I turned off the running app, and did that.  Still a bit shin splinty when doing extended uphill walks, but perceived effort went from “Dear God, They are trying to kill me” to “meh” over the last twelve weeks.  As you can see from the chart above, my heart rate barely cracked 70%!

So… I then restarted my running app, and just as the warm-up period was about to end, a physiologist walked up to me to go over my blood work…

…so I turned off the running app and talked to her…

  • 18 point reduction in LDL
  • 7 point reduction in HDL (I was told to expect this during the first 12 weeks as my body adjusted to lower fat intake)
  • Triglycerides went up, but I was told to ignore it as it was likely a transient effect.
  • fasting blood glucose went down 22 points and is well within normal
  • Hemoglobin A1c went down a half-point and is well within normal
  • Fasting insulin went from 27.3 to 9.1 indicating a COMPLETE turn around of a developing insulin resistance.
  • 3 pounds of muscle have been added.
  • Percent body fat went from 48.2 to 42.3
  • BMI is below 50 for the first time in… possibly decades…

So that’s good, eh?

Regardless, I started up my running app again, and ignored the physiologist clearly approaching me as I was about to start running.  He turned around when I started to run, and we talked afterwards.  The running was HARD, but very doable.  I did feel stretched between the 3rd and 4th running periods and shifted it down one minute to give that extra breather (that’s what I’d do on the road, anyway, right?!?

Also, I had the wheels on my commute bike rebuilt so that I will be able to ride my bike to work once I don’t have to go to the Met Fit gym anymore (there’s a gym on Central Campus that I have signed up for).

Also, also, I am about to shower and then hop into the car to go pick up my daughter for the summer, so you probably won’t hear from me until Friday!