The thing about losing weight is… it doesn’t take much to make you start feeling skinny.  With just a few pounds gone, your clothes seem to fit that much better, your sore knees are starting to feel just dandy, thank you very much.  You can bend just that little bit easier, and you can climb those stairs with just that little bit more hustle.  These are all good things, right?

Well… maybe…

They are, in fact, all good things, but goodness when you’re doing so well, the mind starts to play it’s little tricks.

Wow… you’re doing really well… why don’t you go ahead and have that second helping.  One time won’t hurt…


What’s one piece of cheesecake going to hurt?!?  You’re doing great!

The thing is that one extra helping or dessert is never just that once.  At least in my case… once I say it’s okay to cheat, it’s just an academic exercise to come up with new reasons to cheat again… and again… and again… until I find myself, once more, sitting in front of the TV swigging down my second 32 ounce glass of Coca Cola when I should be outside taking a walk or doing… well… something.  So, cheating is out.

But what the heck does cheating mean, anyways?  Well, under my current regimen cheating means exceeding (or severely undercutting) 2000 calories a day.  Sure, I can have that ice cream, but I’ll have to pay for it at some other point in the day.  Planning a big dinner?  Better have a reasonable lunch, then.  At the moment, I’m not overly concerned about getting the leanest cut of this meat or the widest variety of vegetables.  At the moment, my goal is simply to adjust to 2000 calories.  As I go on, I’m trying to develop healthier habits in my menu planning, but near term… 2000 calories with at least 3 meals.  As I go on, I’ll need to reduce that number of calories, of course, but not yet…

So, what was on Tuesday’s menu?  Let’s run the numbers!

Food Intake:

  • Breakfast – Post Cereal Trail Mix Crunch (Raisins and Almonds) with skim milk – 220 calories
  • Lunch – Leftover hot dog and Baked Lays BBQ chips – 470 calories
  • Afternoon snack – Naval orange – 100 calories
  • Another afternoon snack – watermelon – 100 calories
  • Dinner – Pork Loin roasted with mushrooms and onions, broccoli and mac ‘n cheese – 800 calories (over-estimate as per usual)
  • Evening snack – The usual cookies with a dollop of peanut butter – 240 calories

1930 calories total.  Not bad.  I could have squeezed in one more cookie, but I really didn’t want it.  The food groups are covered, though more veggies would be a plus.


Same 22 flights of stairs up and down.  Need to start walking to work… I can put a caloric number to that!