Well, I continue on the road, and am attempting to deal with the associated food challenges.  I expect, however, that the initial topic of discussion ought to be the updated ticker over there to the left…

Yes, I lost three more pounds as of the Monday weigh-in.  The weird thing, is that it feels like a disappointment… at least compared to last week.  That is, of course, madness for a couple of reasons.

  1. I was traveling.  I did my best to manage input, but let’s face facts.  I could estimate only what I could see or discern in the taste.  I always try and overestimate caloric content, but an estimation is not a guarantee.
  2. I wasn’t really pushing the exercise.  If you want to lose weight you need to exercise.  I didn’t.  Any weight loss is a win.
  3. I think this may be the most important thing to remember.  I lost three-freakin’ pounds! Doctors recommend a sustained weight loss of 1-2 pounds per week.  I lost nine in the last two!  This is not a disappointment, This is good progress.

Disappointment at such a performance is a sabotaging thought, and I’ve got to get it out of my head.

So it’s time for another Scaley Dance, I think.

Now, as per Easter, holidays are always a challenge, and the tendency is to overeat, so let’s run the numbers.

Food Intake:

  • Breakfast – Skipped.  Bad me.  Laurie had said she wanted to have an Easter brunch before I hit the road again, but that eventually turned in to lunch.
  • Lunch – 8 oz filet mignon, with baked potato (small dollop of sour cream) and broccoli – 675 calories
  • Dinner – Chicken baked with pineapple and garlic and peas – 650 calories
  • Snack – Watermelon, the perfect road snack – 160 calories

1485 calories total.

Uh-oh.  That’s a large undershoot, and wasn’t actually intentional.  Cutting calories is great, but one needs to stick to the plan to avoid binging or tanking the metabolism.  I’d say this was a procedural failure, and I need to be more careful about this sort of thing.