I have found an acceptable beverage other than water!  We were talking about sweeteners in the lab the other day, and I asked about Truvia as I’d bought a box, but hadn’t had the courage to dig in to it yet.  They said that it was a good sweetener, but had a slightly bitter aftertaste.  No problem, thought I.  I’d been meaning to whip up some instant tea, and as it’s a bit bitter for starters, I didn’t imagine Truvia would make much of a difference in that regard, so I whipped up a batch.

…and it was good!

A little too good, actually.  From the time I got home, until the time I went to bed last night, I managed to drink *4* 32 ounce glasses of the stuff!  To be fair, I’m a fanatical ice cruncher, so after filling the glass to the rim with ice, the cup only holds about 14 ounces of tea, but still.  It seems a bit much.  I know I was thrilled to be drinking something other than water, but there are limits…

Now don’t get me wrong… I normally drink 2-4 of those same size glasses of water each evening (gotta fill the hump, right?!?), so the volume wasn’t out of the ordinary, but it was a binge.  Sure there was no caloric penalty, but the key to life long weight loss has got to be a realistic view of portions, and the realization that just because something is there, it doesn’t mean that I have to leap on it like a rabid jackal.  Control.

There was a price to be paid, of course.   What with water making up 98% of my beverages for the last week or so, I’ve lost a bit of my immunity to caffeine.  Aside from being a stimulant, caffeine is a diuretic…

That’s right… I manged to swill down 128 ounces of tea and ice laced with a chemical that would ensure the rapid release of water from my body…

…all friggin’ night long!

I think I’m done peeing for the week…

In any case, lesson learned… one glass of tea with dinner and then water for the rest of the night, I think.

We planned on Cornish hens for dinner, so I had to control my calories a little more tightly during the day, but no worries.  Speaking of which, let’s run the numbers!

Food Intake:

  • Breakfast – (leftover) pork loin on english muffin – 300 calories
  • Lunch -tinned chicken, stone ground mustard, hot giardineria on bagel, and carrots – 415 calories
  • Dinner – Rock Cornish Game Hen, sliced tomatoes, and artichoke hearts – 1001 calories
  • Evening snack – Swiss cheese (!!! – See, told you I’d squeeze it in!) – 160 calories

1876 calories total.  Over half of that was in one meal, of course.  I will admit that I’m a dinner fan.  I like it to be the “big meal” of the day, so there’s nothing wrong with saving calories for that one particular meal, but when trying to redefine portions, there may be some benefit (at least in the short term) to spreading the calories out a bit more evenly… I’m not sure, and will have to think about it.

Also, artichokes.  I’ve developed a great affinity for the things.  They are generally available in three ways:

  1. In the produce section –  Fresh artichokes (currently available as “Frost Kissed” around these parts).  Tasty, but lordy, what a pain in the arse.  Generally more trouble than they’re worth.
  2. Marinated in little glass jars – usually soaking in vinegar or oil – a bit more calories than fresh, but easy to prep and nice firm texture.  I highly recommend them… really good in salads.
  3. Frozen – Did you know you could buy frozen artichoke hearts?!?  Neither did I… they kinda suck though… they come out of the microwave with the same texture as if you had started boiling fresh ones and then decided to go for a run… I’m not giving up though… I think I’ll try broiling them next.

So dinner was good.


Same boring 22 flights of stairs… but I walked to work this morning, so I’ll have some nice numbers to go with tomorrow’s comic…