I have been told that when attempting to make life changes that it is important to celebrate every victory… no matter how small… the ability to celebrate one’s self being much more motivating in the long run than the ability to self-denigrate.

I had planned my free meal for Saturday, and believe me, there were visions of slabs of ribs and deep-fried cheese dancing in my head.  In the end, we opted for a seafood restaurant, and I chose the crab, no appetizer, no extras.  I had been considering getting the steak, adding on crab legs and starting with something delicious and cheesy as an appetizer… but in the end, I chose good sense over gluttony.  The dish came out with a cob of corn and a big pile of dirty rice.  The corn was FABULOUS!  As per the crab, it really hit the spot… dungeness and delicious… a bit of drawn butter, but nothing excessive.  As per the dirty rice… I’m not a huge fan, and it just looked like a big pile of unnecessary calories, so I passed.

The meal was delicious, healthy and really felt like a treat… which was the point.  In fact, with the exception of the dessert (Heath Blizzard), I don’t think anything I had that day exceeded the caloric limit.

I actually did have the thought shown above as we were running around after lunch.  Or rather, I noticed that I was fully satisfied with my special meal, but I didn’t feel stuffed to the gills.  It just felt… odd.  It’s funny because being that stuffed is actually not a particularly pleasant sensation, but I would keep doing it anyway… bad habit… note to self: avoid in future.

So… it’s a little thing, but I’m calling it a victory, and doing my celebratory happy dance (which is good cardio, by the way).

As per the other meals for the day, I went to a ‘Meet the Legislators’ breakfast and enjoyed a too-salty Salt Bagel with no topping.  I love salt bagels as they are like breakfast pretzels and have no need for topping.  Yum… well… yum after I scraped off most of the salt… they went SERIOUSLY overboard, and I love salt…

Dinner was an omelette made with leftover sausage and veggies.  Yum.

So a good day for a free day.  Lots of running around doing errands.