So… I guess I promised you a visit to the scale when I gave Monday’s report, didn’t I?  I mean you can’t tell whether a diet is working if you don’t keep track of it, right?  A promise is a promise, so I guess…



That’s right, baby!  I lost six pounds this week.  I shall now commence the happy dance (you may want to cover your eyes)!

Whew!  That’s some serious cardio!  Still, I’m okay.  At this rate, I’ll be skinny in just… hmmm… divide by six, carry the one…

In just 41 weeks!

My God!  I’ll be skinny on January 19th… Wow… now that I can set a date to it, it seems so easy… so real… this is gonna be a piece of piss!

Okay… maybe not.  No one can expect to lose 6 pounds a week for 41 straight weeks (without surgery, anyways)… personal history tells me that 2 is a more likely average, but as long as the scale shows an increasingly lower number, I’m okay with it.

On the topic of scales, I’m a once a week sort of guy.  I know that there are many plans that dictate getting on the scale each and every morning, and I get that.  Constant feedback is the key, and it’s better to find out right away if something is not working than it is to be blundering along for several days getting nowhere…


It’s too much feedback for me.  In a perfect world, food intake = scale output, but this isn’t a perfect world.  Sometimes, you’re a bit swollen (perhaps your workout was a bit too aggressive the day before) and retaining water.  Perhaps, you lost weight in spite of that pizza you downed in a fit of gluttony.  These things happen, and I’d hate to be making unnecessary or improper adjustments to a working plan because I get to obsessive about the vagaries of daily scale output.

No… I’m interested in the overall trend of the process.  A weekly reading gives me the information I need as an aggregate.  But that’s me.  Do what works for you.

But hey, since you’re here, let’s run the numbers.

Food Intake:

  • Breakfast – McD sausage patty and hash brown – 324 calories
  • Lunch – Mahi Mahi and Broccoli – 200 calories
  • Dinner – Spaghetti with Meat Sauce – 780 calories

1304 calories total.

Uh oh…

So I overslept and had to run to the bank before getting to work to escort some engineers installing new equipment, so I didn’t have time to prep anything, so I hit the drive-thru (again) and grabbed a sausage biscuit and a hash brown.  I discarded the biscuit and made a little sandwich with the hash brown.  Tastier than an Egg McMuffin, but more fat.  I will need to start addressing fats in the diet at some point soon.

I went out to lunch with the Coulter rep, and he took me to Carson’s American Bistro.  Wow… not a diet-friendly place.  Everything was either breaded, stuffed with blue cheese or tossed with pasta.  Even the garden salad and coleslaw came with blue cheese.  Don’t get me wrong, I love blue cheese, but it wasn’t in the day’s caloric planning, so I had to skip that.  Eventually, I convinced them that the 4 oz Mahi Mahi would be okay grilled without all the freakin’ butter and no rice… just some broccoli on the side, thankyouverymuch.

…and the bread… oh the bread… they make this wonderful, soft, fresh bread coated with butter and chunks of roasted garlic.  It is sooooo good.

I chose to have none and felt good about it.

Dinner was good.  I was about to whip up some spaghetti when Laurie walked in and offered to cook!

I know, right?

Anyways, she took over the cooking duties, and I enjoyed an episode of Doctor Who.  We used Ronzoni Smart Taste noodles which were surprisingly good, and I felt fairly stuffed after dinner.  The calories are probably over-estimated to a large degree, but forgot to tell her to keep the meat and sauce separate so that I could get accurate measurements and calorie estimates.  Whatcha gonna do.

It certainly hit the spot, and I really didn’t feel like eating anything else that evening, but woof… I was 700 calories down which only means one thing.  The tummy is going to be howling like a wolf in the morning.  I know better, but… I just wasn’t hungry.


30 crunches and 15 push-ups.  Had to drive due to the need to play gopher for the engineers.

Still… a good day… a victorious day… now to return to my happy dancing!