No, no… don’t worry.  I didn’t fall in to a pit of Easter temptation.  Heck, Laurie even got me a movie-theater-sized box of Whoppers, and they are sitting happily on the shelf, quite unmolested.  At just over 10 calories a piece, they’ll be nice to have handy whenever I need a bit of a chocolatey treat.  Just grab a few and put the rest in a ziploc.  I wonder if they freeze…  Regardless, the Easter menu is part of tomorrow’s discussion, so I’ll leave that for now.  I hope you are having a very happy Easter Sunday, though…

Anyway, I’m fairly well into this diet procedure now, so I want to start introducing weekly goals now.  I thought Sunday was a good day to do it, as it is before I weigh in on Monday, so that I can be honest about my goals rather than just reacting to a bad result on the scale.  These won’t be huge things, mind you.   Just two or three “challenges” to keep myself progressing as I go through this.  So, with that said, let’s get started.

Goals for the Coming Week:

  1. Red Meat reduction – as you’ve probably noticed, I’ve been eating a lot of steak lately.  The reasons are fairly simple.  It’s easy to prepare and is available in most restaurants without cheese or other fatty enhancements.  If you no the weight, it’s easy to determine calories.  As long as it’s lean, it’s very healthy, high in zinc, iron, B12 and, of course, protein,  and finally… well… it’s delicious.  However, variety is important, and too much red meat is too much of a good thing, so I’m going to try and have steak or steak-like products no more than three times this week.   I will be traveling until Sunday, so this should be… interesting, but I need to learn to navigate menus for healthy choices, and now is a good time to start.
  2. Don’t be bullied by the menu – I’ve got to learn to be comfortable expressing my needs to the waitstaff.  If I have to eat in a certain place, and the menu is uncooperative, then I have to learn to be comfortable saying such things as “I’d like the grilled chicken diablo, but please leave off all the cheese, please”.  I’m sure they hear it all the time, and there’s nothing wrong with doing so, but I find that I am tremendously reluctant to doing so.   Actually, when it comes to food, I will do almost anything to avoid being noticed.  After all, there’s nothing more sinful than a fat man eating in public, right?  Just eat and get out… maybe no one will notice me.  Uhm no… it’s not a constructive thought, and it’s got to stop.
  3. Exercise more – I’ve been coasting on the exercise, and letting work and travel take the blame.  If I want to lose, I have to work out.  So this week, I want to go on at least two 1-hour walks and do body exercises (crunches, squats, pushups) at least three times.

Okay.  So those are my marching orders for the week.  Easy enough, right?  Okay… so what about yesterday?  Let’s run the numbers!

Food Intake:

  • Breakfast – Beef Jerky, one banana and one apple – 425 calories
  • Lunch – ColdStone Cheesecake ice cream with banana – 570 calories
  • Dinner – Stuffed salmon and guacamole salad – 985 calories

1980 calories total.

So… weekend… late start… breakfast… wasn’t.  Laurie had to go to a lacrosse game to report for M-live again, so we grabbed lunch at the local Busch’s.  That grocery chain has an amazing deli section, but I didn’t want a sandwich because of the many, many bread calories.  Instead, I grabbed a bit of fruit from the produce section and a bag of spicy beef jerky.  The fat calories from the jerky are only about 18% of total, so it’s actually a pretty good choice (as long as your salt is inline).  It was actually a pretty good meal, and kept me going.

We had to run out to Brighton after the game, and Laurie had a gift certificate for the Coldstone there, and asked if we could go.  I said yes, and had the usual, and it was good.  However, Coldstone is a pretty calorie-heavy ice cream, and I think I’m just going to walk away for a while.  It’s also hard to get an exact calorie estimate because they don’t weigh their dishes like Dairy Queen.  In the future, I’ll be happy to accompany the family to the Coldstone, but I think unless it’s a very special occasion, I’ll just pass.

Dinner was nice.  While we were in Brighton, we stopped at the Costco and got some of their stuffed salmon.  When cooking it, I took my portion and scraped out half the stuffing.  I weighed the result and took the calorie count from the label.  It’s probably turned out to be fewer calories as the stuffing reduction skewed the mass towards salmon content, but I’d rather overestimate than under.  As per the guacamole salad, I know there is such a thing, but don’t really know what that entails.  In my case, I made up a single avocado batch of guac, and mashed it into a bowl of shredded lettuce.  No further dressing necessary, and my god was it good.

This, of course, leads us to the topic of avocados.  They are kind of a pain to shop for… They come in two varieties.  First, there are those that are so soft that they may not make it home from the store before going bad.  The second are… well… bricks.  Sure they’ll ripen… some time in the next oh… two to thirty-seven days.  How are you supposed to plan meals like that?!?  It’s not so much buying produce at this point as it is taking a leap of faith.  You live in hope that you will happen to be in the kitchen during that brief window when the fruit finally turns and before it goes all brown and fuzzy.  It’s such a short window to start with… bah… frustrating.

When you do get a ripe avocado (either by winning the produce section lottery or by assigning a 24/7 guard to watch the bloody things ripen on the shelf) there is a question as to what to do with them.  They are good on sandwiches instead of cheese and mayonnaise, of course, but it’s not my preferred method.  Up until a few months ago, you couldn’t get me to touch the bloody things.  Tastes like fatty grass, right.  ick.  However, Saint Alton insisted that they are really, really healthy for me, so I gave them another try.  More specifically, I found his guac recipe, and altered it to my tastes (extra spices and hot peppers), and you know what?  Delightful!  However, tortilla chips are problematic from a caloric point of view.  So, what should one do with the guac?  It’s good on lettuce, but what else can be done?  Cucumber slices, I guess.  Any other thoughts?  As a sandwich spread would be good.  With tuna?

I don’t know… give me your suggestions, folks.  I’m an open book.