Today, I have to share a tale of stupidity… in two parts.  As a denouement, we will have a tale of redemption, so it’s not all bad.  In order to tell this story or woe and recovery, however, I first have to say “Let’s Run the Numbers!”  So…

Let’s run the Numbers…

Food Intake:

  • Breakfast – Ham slice and watermelon – 360 calories
  • Lunch – Roast Beef 6″ Subway – 320 calories
  • Dinner – Pepper Crusted Ahi Tuna, mashed potato sans gravy and mixed greens – 440 calories.

1120 calories total.  That’s right… I said 1120 calories!!!!  I’ve gone on before about the stupidity of under-eating, but wow… I guess I just can’t take my own advice.  Talk about setting yourself up for a fall.  This is dieting stupidity.  Which brings us to the next day.

  • Breakfast – Spicy Chicken Burrito – 750 calories
  • Lunch – Atlanta Bread Company NY Pastrami and fruit cup – 710  calories
  • Dinner – Filet-o-Fish, McDouble, Med Fries and 20 oz Coke – 1300 calories

2760 calories Total… Holy crap on a hot tin roof!  Talk about blowing things big time.  Due to the previous day, I woke up fairly ravenous, and decided to forgo the planned bowl of fruit and went for the calorically expensive, but not terribly unhealthy burrito.  I did disassemble it and actually estimated it at 500 calories, but since I couldn’t tell how much butter was used at what phases in it’s construction, so I just called it on par with a Chipotle.  Seems fair.

They brought in Panera Atlanta Bread Company for lunch.  I don’t get the deal with Panera.  Why does it have a different name in every region.  Heck for a while, we had a Panera and an Atlanta in the same town, and they are the same friggin’ restaurant.  Whatever, I went with the Pastrami no cheese, and was surprised when I looked up the calories later, but bread is always a problem.

Dinner… was a melt down.  I sometimes wonder why I do things, and there’s no use of making excuses after the fact, but I was just so sick of traveling and thinking about what to eat tat I just… splurged… It happened, it’s over.  I’ll avoid it in the future.  With Penguicon this weekend, I’m sure I’ll hit McDonalds’ again, but will try not too exceed my caloric limit in the name of convenience.

  • Breakfast – Small Slice of Ham and Banana – 175 calories
  • Lunch – BK Tendergrill Sandwich and one potato chip – 481 calories
  • Dinner – 8 oz Sirloin, mixed veggies and red potatoes – 740 calories
  • Evening Snack – Brownie – 400 calories

1796 calories total.  That’s much more reasonable.  Still a bit of an under-eat, but without detailed information on the brownie (Brit brought it for me from the NMU cafeteria… odd thing to bring someone on a diet, I know), so I figured a few calorie leeway was a good thing.

Finally, we have yesterday’s trip home.  It’s a nine hour drive, so I picked up a roast beef from subway (640 cals total) to munch on all day in lieu of breakfast and dinner.  It served the purpose and I grazed throughout.  Dinner was a planned free meal, as we stopped at Zender’s on the way home as a special treat for Brittany since she’s was coming back home (!!!!).  As fate would happen it was one of those rate days (5 or 6 per year) when they were offering the all-you-can-eat buffet.  I am proud to say that I only had one, single plate (2 pieces of chicken, 2 sides and a roll).  I did indulge in a root beer, though.  Just a small one.  As per my habit of free meals, I do not consider the calories, but it’s not actually bad from a glance.

So… there you go.  I have a feeling that I’ll consider not gaining anything this week a win.  That sounds defeatist, though… onward and inward, I guess…