…and that’s about all we’re going to say about that…

So Laurie’s birthday falls on Mother’s day this year which is one of her great pet peeves.  As a result, we tend to try and spread things out a bit for her, so Monday was a planned free meal for an initial birthday celebration.  Nothing spectacular… just a birthday burger at Red Robin to start the celebratory mood of the week.  As such, there’s no official calorie count for the day, but I tried to keep it reasonable.

For breakfast I had a simple bowl of Post Trail Mix Crunch with a banana, and for lunch I had a (non-Chipotle) beef burrito… no cheese, no rice.  I don’t get the rice thing actually.  Why on God’s green earth do people feel the need to stuff it in a burrito.  Aside from the bad mouth texture, the tortilla already contains a heaping helping of starchy carbs.  Why through rice in there?  Do people just dislike their pancreas?  Regardless, ick… no rice for me please, but if you could stuff it with lettuce that would be ever so special.  Thanks.

For dinner, I had a burger and fries.  When the waiter came around to ask if I wanted more fries, I said… no… which I consider a win.  I really did want more fries… but after saying no, and letting the innards settle I decided that I didn’t actually need or want them.  Just another bad habit.