I should say, rather, that I am looking for a cross-training activity to go along with the bike now that cycling season is upon us, and that I am enamoured of the idea of running but am concerned about the reality considering the previously broken knee cap and the rod holding my fibula together.  I think it would be nice to ride to work one day and run the next day.  Alternating to keep the mind and major muscle groups from getting lax.  I’ll pick up a book and look into it.

In any case, Tuesday has come and gone, and no superlatives, nothing to gossip about.  The new sorter in the new lab was giving me grief all day, but I managed to avoid turning to the hammer or the ding dong (actually, that sounds vaguely dirty).  In any case, food was good.  I tried to vary it up a bit.

Food Intake:

  • Breakfast – Blueberry yogurt – 170 calories
  • Morning Snack – 1 oz Cashews (lightly salted) – 170 calories
  • Lunch – French Onion Soup, Asiago steak, boiled potatoes and mixed veggies – 660 calories
  • Afternoon Snack – 5 olives – 25 calories
  • Dinner – Lobster ravioli with vodka sauce and guacamole salad – 700 calories
  • Evening Snack – Windmill cookies (3) – 210 calories

1935 calories total.

Not bad.  A goodly mix of foods, and pretty close to the 2000 calorie target.  I was in a rush in the morning, but I keep yogurt (amongst other things) in a dorm fridge in my office for just such an emergency.  I was on the road between labs for lunch, so I swung in to Crapplebees.  I was fairly famished, so I started with another bowl of French Onion soup.  I removed about 50% of the cheese and all the bread that I could, but counted the bowl at full calories because, I had no good way of estimating what I’d removed.

Okay… this is where I ask for help.  I’m not a big fan of soup (though I do so LOOOOOOVE French Onion – even with the cheese and bread removed), but find that starting with a good, brothy soup really does temper the appetite and give you that nice comfortable sense that only slurping a bowl of warm soup can provide.  However, canned soups are 93.5% sodium, and I don’t really want to keep eating at restaurants all the time, so what are your recipes for simple, cal-friendly broth-based soups?

I mean, I can always just sweat some onions and garlic and simmer them in a 75/25 mix of beef broth/stock.  This should be reasonably savory and freeze well, so that I could freeze individual portions and just nuke them in the microwave at work, but I’m open to suggestions to expand beyond the basic beef/onion/garlic taste combination.  What suggestions do you have?

Dinner was good.  Ravioli are an easy prep.  I was going to do a white wine sauce with walnuts, but didn’t have the requisite materials, and the only white sauce that Meijers seems to have heard of is alfredo, so we went with a simple vodka sauce which was tasty.  I just drizzled a bit over my ravioli.  The guac salad was, once again, a single avocado batch of guac I whipped up and mixed with spring greens.  No dressing needed.  I upped the cayanne and cumin which was a nice counterpoint to the bitter greeens.

All right.  I’m off to bed.  Hit me with some soup recipes, will ya?