Okay… maybe a little stiff today.  I’m glad that I don’t have to run every day in this program.  I also seem to remember that this was all a bit easier when I was a bit younger.

I also will need to invest in a proper pair of running shoes if I’m to continue with this.  I’m currently wearing walking shoes (solid leather).  That is because, of course, the only running shoes on the frickin’ planet that I can find in 12 6E are a pair of New Balance for $148!!!  I just want to jog to work, not win a marathon… if anyone knows where I can find a pair of running shoes in that size, please let my flat-footed, over-pronating self know.

So… stiff.  Very stiff.

Screw it.  Let’s run the numbers…

Food Intake:

  • Breakfast – Turkey Sammich, mousse, wheat thins – 390 calories
  • Lunch – Pork Chop, house salad, mashed potatoes, and green beans – 700 calories
  • Dinner – Orange Beef and egg drop soup – 900 calories

1990 calories total.  Well, that was certainly close to the daily goal, eh?  Breakfast was the result of… oversleeping.  I didn’t want to be late to work, and I didn’t want to drive thru anywhere, so I just grabbed one of my Oscar Mayer lunch packs.  They’re actually quite good in calories and fat, but sodium… there’s always something.  Lunch found me needing to go with the Cytometry Company rep to what appears to be his favorite restaurant in town… the diet-unfriendly Carsons.  This time Mahi-Mahi was not on the menu, but they had a grilled pork chop that was appropriate in side.  Continuing with their habit of trying to make everything high in calories and fat, they even add blue cheese crumbles (BIG ONES) to their house salad.  I left them in the salad bowl with the croutons.

As it was Cinco de Mayo yesterday, we did the traditional thing and went out for Chinese.  I got a small cup of egg drop and ordered beef with orange sauce extra hot.  Beef dishes are usually a pretty good choice at chinese places because they are invariably some sliced skirt or flank steak with onions and a smattering of other veggies in some kind of sauce.  Fairly easy to estimate calories.  However, the orange beef… okay…

What kind of asshole thinks it’s a good idea to slice, bread and fry beef for a chinese dish?!?

I mean really?  Breaded?!?  Oh thank you very much… I wasn’t that hungry anyway.  I ignored the rice.  Ate some beef and brought nothing home… stupid breading.  I estimated about 750 calories, but rounded it up to 900 because it’s hard to really guess on breading… grrrr…