Greetings!  Yes, I’m on the road again.  This time I’m in Baltimore for Cyto 2011.  I don’t have my weight machine here with me (obviously), and I don’t have me walk-to-work route available (or the massive amounts of time to walk the equivalent as the schedule is pretty aggressive), so to keep me sufficiently active, I’m soliciting your physical challenges!  Assign me exercise tasks that I can complete on the road.  Just keep in mind that I am down a knee at the moment, so jogging is verboten (I have to have the thing x-rayed as it is not responding well to running).

Yesterday was just about travel and and registration, so I did spend 4-5 hours just wandering around scoping out the town, so thus far I am well exercised.  I also stopped at a Whole Foods to pick up some food items for the hotel room, so that I didn’t have to depend upon restaurant fare for every meal.  So… let’s run the numbers.

Food Intake:

  • Breakfast – Banana – 100 calories
  • Morning snack – Granola Bar – 150 calories
  • Lunch – Burrito – 602 calories
  • Dinner – Guacamole, 8 tortilla chips, and mixed kabob – 800 calories

1652 calories Total.

So…. the Granola bar was a Nature’s Path Peanut Choco bar from Whole Foods (I bought a box).  Holy flirking shnit are they good.  A bit more fat (peanuts) and sugar than the Fiber bars, but super tasty and not out of line anywhere on the nutritional label.  I highly recommend them.

For lunch, I ended up at California Tortilla as it was across the street, and I only had 20 minutes.  I got a steak fajita burrito with no rice which according to their nutritional calculator is 602 calories.  I didn’t eat it all, but will keep the calculator number.

For dinner, we took the Charm Line to midtown to check out a mexican restaurant Karen had read about.  We started with one of their seven flavors of guacamole, and I got the Alambre Mixto  which was a kabab of onion, peppers, tomato, shrimp, chicken and steak… about an ounce or two of each meat.  Very tasty.

At this point, I have plenty of calories to go, but am just not hungry, so I’m calling it done.

I managed to get in about an hours worth of walking just to keep the muscles loose.

So… keep me active.  Let’s hear your challenges!