Well, trying to do the right thing has officially bit me in the bleeding arse!  After training class, we all got back to the hotel, and the group decided to eat the free meal in the lobby.  That was, sadly, just hamburgers and hot dogs, so I just grabbed an apple, and thought I’d go get something later.

After they ate, we played a few hours of cards (spoons, egyption rat$#!*, and Bulls!!t).  About 9pm I excused myself and ran out to find something for dinner as it was getting late.  Too late, actually… forgetting that I was in the middle of nowhere, I soon found that all the restaurants were closing…

Ugh… no dinner for me… so let’s run the numbers….

Food Intake:

  • Breakfast – granola bar – 150 calories
  • Morning snack – banana – 100 calories
  • Lunch – pastrami on rye with fruit – 500 calories
  • Afternoon snack – almonds – 100 calories
  • Dinner – apple – 95 calories
  • Evening snack – 20 pistachios – 80 calories

1025 calories total.  Whoops!  I can tell that Thursday is going to be a fun day… I’ll fill my stomach with ice to take the edge off of the hunger so that I can sleep…