You ever have one of those days where you are so tired that the mere thought of food is just… nauseating?  So went my Saturday.  It started at 3:30am when I had to get up for the plane trip home.  I had the good sense to shove a granola bar down my throat, but wasn’t really hungry enough to try anything else.  I made it down in time to meet the cab, but the cab did not return the favor.  It opted instead for the “Muy late so that you miss your plane” option.  The driver did try to make it up by driving 80+ mph the entire way to the airpot, and Danielle and I did get on the plane, but just barely.  By the time we made it through security, the plane was fully boarded, and they only held the door because the guy who processed our baggage ran ahead to make them.  Very nice of him.

We had a layover in Phoenix, and I needed to get some change, so I bought a Pizza Hut breakfast burrito and ate almost half of it.  It was good enough, but I just wasn’t interested.  When we got home, Laurie had nothing prepared, so she ordered in Ahmos.  I didn’t want anything (seriously tired and nauseous at this point), but she insisted, and I let her order me six wings (sauceless).  I ate them, but wasn’t thrilled… shortly thereafter I went to bed.  Total for the day?  900 calories at best (I’m really overestimating here)… but I just had no interest or desire.

Sunday was better.  I slept in (way, way, way in) and still wasn’t hungry for most of the day, but ate.  How much?  Let’s run the numbers…

Food Intake:

  • Breakfast – Well… I’m sure my dreams involved food, but nothing comes to mind… I slept in… – 0 calories
  • Lunch – Skirt steak, potatoes, salad and a few nachos – 800 calories
  • Dinner – Roast chicken and salad – 500 calories
  • Evening Snack – Lemon Cake – 480 calories

1780 calories.  Not overly hungry at any point, but the food was quite satisfying.  As I’m posting this Monday morning, the eagle-eyed amongst you will notice that the ticker has been updated.  Having been on a plane last Monday morning, I missed my weigh-in, but this Monday morning reveals another six pound deficit.  That’s a perk and the scaley dance is in full effect.  As you can probably tell, there is a major milestone approaching which I am hoping to hit this coming Monday, but four pounds in a week is pretty aggressive at this stage of the game.  We shall see though… we shall see.