More on Hooters later, but first let’s play catch-up.

Thursday evening we were supposed to leave for Samantha’s viewing/visitation, but Laurie couldn’t finish up at work on time, so we ended up staying in A2 that evening, after all.  This actually was kind of a perk as we opted to get our minds off of mortality-themed issues by picking up tickets to see the stagecast of Stephen Soundheim’s Company at the local cinema.  This is the first time I’ve seen a stagecast on the big screen.  Sweeny Todd and Pippin were, of course, staples of the Chicagoland PBS station growing up, but the big screen definitely adds to it.  I’d have loved to see it live, but it’s a pretty long drive to Broadway, so I’ll settle for more of these…

Food was a bit a kerfuffle.  I started the day with my usual granola bar and banana, but when I left work, I stopped by Mary’s Fabulous to pick up a chicken gizzard lunch.  I weighed the things out and did the math and enjoyed them.

…but the math was wrong… well, the math was fine, but the conversion factor was wrong as I was using the figure for unbreaded gizzards which these were… not so much.  Once I realized my error, I re-did the math and realized that A) If I want gizzards, I’m going to have to make them myself, and B) I had about 50 calories for dinner.

Fair enough.  I had decided that that day was just going to have to overshoot the target, but as it happens, I’m not so big-meal-friendly anymore.  I spent most of the afternoon feeling bloated and was just never hungry again that day… so two points for sticking to the calorie target, but minus about 1000 for the execution.

Friday was the funeral… I forgot to eat, so Laurie grabbed me some beef jerky for “breakfast”.  After the funeral, there was the usual family meal, but fried and mayonnaise were the key words, so I just passed while everyone else ate.  I later grabbed a small grilled chicken meal from KFC which is actually quite diet-friendly, and it was about half-way through that I realized that I could have just peeled the skin off of the fried chicken at the family gathering, and managed the same effect.  Stupid is as stupid does, I guess…

That evening we ended up at the Crown Point Corn Roast (yee-hah), and it was all carnival food.  I grabbed a plain porkchop sandwich, and tossed the bun.  No real side dishes available, so I planned on grabbing some fruit later, but the Lee family stayed and stayed and stayed… by the time we got back to the house, I was ready for bed and well below my caloric limit.  Once again +2 but -1000

Saturday morning, Chris whipped up breakfast for everyone (Eggs, potatoes and toast) which was nice and then I spend a couple hours in the pool with my nephew.  Much fun was had.  Much sunburn was had.  Ouch!!!!

For lunch, he really wanted Hooters…  really… he’d been asking since Friday.  He’s 12 and comes from a Hooter’s family, so how can you say no?

I always feel like a bit of a gender-traitor here when it comes to discussing Hooters.  I’m generally of the opinion that when someone is serving me food, I’m in favor of more, not less, clothing.  I’ve never been to a topless bar, and don’t expect I ever will go to one.  I’d be perfectly happy if the Hooter’s staff put on some more comfortable and… larger… clothing.  I’m a big fan of hygeine in the food service.  However, when it comes to wings, Hooters wings win hands-frickin’-down.  BW3 actually has better sauces, but the wings are just better at Hooters… so there’s that.

Anyways, I’ve fit chicken wings into the diet before, so I knew to just stick to the small order and a side garden salad.  Of course, I was thinking BW3 wings (smaller and not breaded).  I decided to verify the calorie information as I was finishing up and >Ptooey<!!!  Holy freaking Cow, that’s a lot of calories!  Not diet wrecking, as I was able to compensate nicely at dinner, but I won’t be doing that again.  I have since been informed that I could have ordered the wings “naked” which would have helped a lot, but who knew?  We’ll call it a push…

Sunday was Father’s Day and a planned dinner out, so no counting.  Brit is off in Texas, of course, but she did call which was nice.  Not huge calories… probably around 2500 if I had my scale to verify but a nice day spent mostly outdoors walking around with a few treats sprinkled in here and there.