That’s right, folks!  Behold that ticker in all of it’s glory!  Another six pounds gone this week!  Huge week… HUGE!  Weird the way that works though, isn’t it?  The weeks where I feel I am working the hardest, I lose little or no weight.  The weeks where I feel I’m making mistake after mistake, I get a significant loss.  Oh well, enjoy it while it lasts, I suppose.  Weight loss is a game that just gets harder the longer you play…

…though it always gets more and more satisfying!

Now… about that number 4.  I know that the proper milestone for a dude of my girth is the first 100 pounds, but screw that!  I have been waiting to say that “Why yes, I do weight less than 400 pounds”, and I can say that now!!!!! You have to be big enough to scare children and worry car salesmen to truly appreciate how great it feels, but there it is.

I am doing this.  Now, let’s run the numbers!

Food Intake:

  • Breakfast – Blueberry yogurt – 150 calories
  • Lunch – Bagel thin and tinned chicken – 250 calories
  • Afternoon snack – Fiber bar – 140 calories
  • Later Afternoon snack – 1 Babybel Chedder cheese ball – 75 calories
  • Dinner – Broiled pork chop with guac topping, mac and cheese, and green beans – 800 calories
  • Evening snack – Fudgesicle – 100 calories

1515 calories total.  I’m beginning to think I should just give up the pretense of a 2000 calorie target.  However, I’m quite wary of dropping the potential input too early and ending up with a sluggish metabolism.

I’m just not a morning person and actually took off this morning on my walk without actually eating or drinking anything.  I was a couple miles in before I realized what I’d done.  Trust me when I say that that yogurt I had when I got to work was really, really good!

Lunch was the last of the bagel thins and the last tinned chicken.  It was also when I realized I was out of fruit at work and need to go shopping… which I did later (Sam’s Club), but forgot about getting any fruit.  I did, however, find those cheddar babybels and these 100 calories packs of guacamole which appear to be made of actual guac (avocado, jalepeno, onion, garlic and salt).  I had to test it which is why it ended up as a topper on my pork chop.  It is also really good.  I usually spice mine more and add tomato, but still good and very conveniently packaged.


Another day, another graph....

So as mentioned last post, Sunday was a non-counting day, and when I go even a little bit over 2000 calories, I can really feel it the next day.  Bloated and sluggish.  I suspect there is a lesson in there somewhere… In any case, that’s an unpleasant way to wake up, but there is nothing more glorious than taking that long walk on such a morning.  You leave the house feeling meh and arrive at work feeling marvelous… and stinky…

So marvelous, in fact, that I finished the thing about 15 minutes earlier than expected.  As a result, Garmin says I burned 993 calories.  That kind of highlights the issues with these calorie calculations.  I pushed much harder which got me there faster, but the calculations say I burned fewer calories.  Something smells rotten in Denmark!

Oh wait… that may just be my walking duds! 😉

In any case, that’s 1515 calories in and 993 calories out for a daily total of +522 calories which is a darn fine day!