Neither rain, nor sleet, nor outage of server shall keep this cartoonist from posting his strips…

Well… okay… maybe outage of server.  Of course, stupid me stayed up until 2AM hoping that it would come back up.

Regardless, yesterday was a good day.  I tried to spread out the lunch/afternoon snacks a bit to fight those late afternoon hunger pains.  With reasonable success.  I need to get more produce in the office, but with the upcoming Chicago trip, I don’t want to let it spoil, so I’m just punting for a few more days.

So, as I’m really sleepy and have to get ready for work, let’s run the numbers…

Food Intake:

  • Breakfast – Cottage cheese and an Odwalla bar – 300 calories
  • Lunch – Roast Chicken – 300 calories
  • Afternoon snack – French Onion soup – 160 calories
  • Later Afternoon snack – Baby Bel Cheddar ball and 100 calorie Little Debbie wafter – 175 calories
  • Dinner – Chuck roast, potatoes and peas – 700 calories

1635 calories total which ain’t too bad.  The Odwalla bar was… a bit like eating bird seed, but I have a stack of them, so I will have to fit them in somewhere.  The Soup was Campbell’s “Healthy” and it was…bad.  In dire need of salt and a really weird spice mix.  I’ll just make my own in the future.

Dear God, the chuck roast was good.  I am turning into quite the roast master… I’m sure I’ll be getting that call from Comedy Central any day now!


Another day, another heart graphy

As you can see, I had another fine morning walk.  Garmin says that I burned 1046 calories which gives 1635 in minus the 1046 for a total delta for the day of 589 calories.