So, my desktop has been in dire, dire need of a good wipe/reformat/reinstall cycle.  So, Saturday morning I woke up early, pulled out my newly ordered restoration disks (as opposed to buying a new copy of windows), and began the system restore.  Using the restore disks meant I’d have to decrap the HP stuff off of the computer when I was finished, but at least I wouldn’t be buying a second copy of windows for the same machine.

So, I started the restore, and then to kill time, I disassembled my netbook and installed a different wireless card which chromium would recognize.  That went well, and the acer is a fully-funtional, cloud-dwelling chromebook now.  I then went to check on the restore, and it wasn’t finished, so I took a shower… and it still wasn’t finished, so I woke up the girls and headed out to the art fair.  When we got back… yep, it still wasn’t finished.  I was about to just give up, but it did, in fact, finish about 20 minutes later, so I installed the AV software and began to decrap it, and then left to meet some friends for dinner.

After dinner, I started to update windows…

…that sucked.

The biggest surprise was when I went to do the updates and found that windows update wouldn’t give me the option to install SP1 until after I had done several rounds of software updates which took… oh… for freaking EVER!  To cut the story short, I was able to actually install photoshop on the bloody thing at roughly 9pm last night.


On the plus side, everything seems to be working now, but what a way to kill a weekend, eh?!?

Oh… did I mention that the ticker has updated and I’ve lost three more pounds? No?  Well commence to scaley dancing if you please!