So yeah… it’s not like I didn’t have my debit card, but I refuse to pull out plastic in order to cheat.

Fairly stupid on my part though, I just left the house without grabbing a lunch.  I just assumed my fridge at work was stuffed, but seeing as I had the last lunch on Friday, well… as I say stupid.  So, I had $2.25 which left me with two choices, chicken from the machine or chips and a fruit pie.  The latter option sounded tastier, but the first option was the better choice, so that’s the way I went.

Pretty low calorie day though… let’s run the numbers.

Food Intake:

  • Breakfast – granola bar and banana – 260 calories
  • Lunch – Vending machine chicken wings – 320 calories
  • Dinner – leftover pork loin stew and corn on the cob – 700 calories
  • Dessert – Fudgicle – 100 calories

1380 calories.  That’s pretty darn low, but to be honest, I wasn’t all that hungry, so it worked.  For dinner, I just cubed the remaining pork loin and added it to a mushroom stew base.   I made stuffing so that the girls could pour the stew over that (we were out of rice), but I passed as I opted for the corn.

The corn was great.  Ann Marie (from work) has an acre or so garden, and brought me in a bushel of goodies (corn and various peppers).  Fresh veggies to go with my tomatoes!  There will be salad tonight.

Also, Slightly Off-Topic has updated twice in as many days!


Oh, oh… also, the ticker has gone down… just one pound, but hey, it’s a win!