So yes… my car really is a dull-as-dirt grey on greyer.  Laurie picked it out, so I blame her.  I actually liked the brown (oh, big improvement, I know), but whatcha gonna do?

I’d actually been increasingly uncomfortable driving the car for a couple weeks now.  I just happened to be reaching for the drink in the lower door drink holder (hey, it was a water bottle — don’t judge) when my hand happened to hit the vertical adjustment lever, and it clicked.  I raised the seat a bit and…. ahhhhhhhhh… pure driving bliss… or at least as much bliss as you can get when driving a Kia.

My arse doesn’t look any smaller to me, but as discussed previously, my unders are bigger and well… either the car seat has lost some padding or I have.  I’m guessing the latter.  Regardless, let’s run the numbers…

Food Intake:

  • Breakfast – granola and banana – 260 calories
  • Mid-morning snack – Protein drink – 160 calories
  • Lunch – Tinned chicken on bagel – 450 calories
  • Dinner – Gizzards with onions, mushrooms and guac and watermelon – 680 calories
  • Evening Snack – M&M Pretzel – 360 calories
  • Taste Test – Fiber One Peanut Butter Brownie – 90 calories
2000 calories total!  My I hit that one on the head, didn’t I?!?
 So, I picked up these protein drinks at Sam’s.  The nutritional info is:
  • 160 calories (30 from fat)
  • 3g fat (1g saturated)
  • 5g Carbs
    • 3g Dietary Fiber
    • 1g sugar
  • 30g Protein
  • 25% RDA of most important vitamins and minerals (including Riboflavin!!!)
  • 50% RDA of Calcium and Phosphorus
I’m not a huge fan of the beverage-as-meal, but they were chocolate, mom-approved and 30-frickin grams of protein for crying out loud!!!  How can you say no to that.  As it happens, it was also fairly tasty as those things go.  Not an every day sort of thing, but I needed something in my stomach at that moment, and it fit the bill just fine.
The fiber one brownie on the other hand… uhm… dry.  Very dry.