As you know, the dieter’s best friend is meal planning.  Know what you are going to eat, and know when you are going to eat it.  Stick to the plan, and you can stave off, excessive hunger, unnecessary snacking and drama.  Fail to do so… and there will be consequences.

Friday, was not the best example of adhering to planning.  I got up early enough, whipped up a smoothie and headed out to work.  It really was a lovely morning for a walk, and everything was peaceful right up until the moment I arrived at work.  Then… stuff happened… a cascading series of stuff, actually, such that the first chance I had to take a breath and take stock was at about 5:20 as I was getting ready to leave.  Don’t get me wrong, work went fine… amazingly productive day, but… well, as I was donning my walking duds, my stomach requested a status update regarding whether I would ever get around to having lunch as my only food intake had been in the form of liquid thus far.  I told my stomach to stuff it and that I’d make dinner when I got home.

I then headed out and made it about as far as the cardiac center when my stomach told me to stuff it and to either put something in it or it would instruct my bowels to stage an attack on my southern border (ewww).  I opted to stop at the nearest vending machine and see what was available.

…not a lot actually… hamburgers and muffins and other things I had no intent of eating.  I did, however, find a nice tub of antipasto (peperoncinis, olives, tomatoes and a bit of cheese) which fit the bill nicely.   I wolfed it down and managed to keep the internal organs from open revolt on the walk home…


I really need to remember to eat lunch!  Now, let’s run the numbers…

Food Intake:

  • Breakfast – Smoothie – 350 calories
  • “Lunch” – Antipasto – 300 calories
  • Dinner – Stouffer Corner Bistro soup and “sandwich” – 400 calories
  • Evening Snack – Watermelon – 280 calories
1330 calories total.
You’d have thought I’d have binged when I got home, but I was dog-tired at that point.  Laurie was at a work event, so I just through that Stouffers box from the freezer into the microwave and called it good enough.  For the record, the Broccoli Cheddar soup was good, but the steak stuffed sammich was… less so.  I through in the watermelon later, just so I could claim I tried to eat more.  I then promptly fell asleep on the couch while watching Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.
A nice double walk
These walks are burning fewer and fewer calories as my weight continues to drop.  In this case, the 8.5-some-odd miles was good for 1951 calories.  So that’s 1330 in and 1951 out for a daily total of negative 621 calories.  Not surprisingly Saturday left me feeling… hollow.  Not starving, but almost always gnawingly hungry.  Saturday was a planned no-count day, and to my surprise, I didn’t go crazy or binge.  Slept through breakfast, seafood for lunch and Wendy’s for dinner.  No dessert, no excess cola.  A good day.  Sunday was just business as usual.  Nothing interesting to report.  Now I’m caught up.