So, this trip was not executed famously well… it wasn’t an exercise in foodie debauchery, but it wasn’t a shining example of calorie conservatism either.  It just was.  It does bring to mind a topic I’ve been wanting to discuss, however.

I’ve been seeing a lot of newly slimmed (or slimming celebs and celeb lights) speaking about their food addiction.  They are addicted to food and have no control.  If you set a bag of potato chips in front of them, they will eat them.  This concept bugs me.  Not in the “looking into a mirror and recognizing oneself in the discussion”  sort of way.  I mean, we are all addicted to food in the truest sense, if we don’t get our food fix on a regular basis, we will die.  So, yes, we are all addicted to food…

…but it’s this concept of having no control.  The surrendering of one’s basic primacy… seems counter-productive to me.  There are, of course, many, many alcoholics who will be happy to tell you that the only way to get ahead of the disease is to admit that you have no control and surrender yourself to a higher power, but I just can’t separate myself from the very basic premise that I do have control.  Everything is a choice.  If you put potato chips in front of me, I can very happily ignore them because I do have a choice.  Of course, if I put potato chips in front of me, I will probably eat them because by putting them on my plate, I’ve already made the choice.  Sure I will dance around with pro and con arguments in my head about why this is or is not okay, but in the end, if I chose to put them there, I’ve already decided to eat them, and I am just taking the time to make myself feel better about it.  It’s a question of self-justification, but not a question of choice.

So, when I hear someone claim they are addicted to food, it bugs me… If it works for them, great, but for me… it seems like making another excuse, and excuses are my problem.  Thoughts?

I’ve been busy, but have thoroughly detoxed from the trip, and the diet continues apace, of course, so no worries there… So let’s run the numbers!

Food Intake:

  • Breakfast – granola bar (in a hurry) – 150 calories
  • Lunch – 6oz slice of “beef” purporting to be ribeye, cottage cheese, hard-boiled egg, olives, tomatoes and onions – 550 calories
  • Afternoon snack – leftover hot dog in bun with mustard – 290 calories
  • Dinner – Chipotle steak fajita burrito – 665 calories
1655 calories total.  Low, but in range.
Lunch was interesting.  We had an NCI site visit, so I was over at North Campus all day working the poster room.  I had no place over there to store a lunch, so I planned to eat out and ended up at the Flim Flam (a typical greek diner/restaurant).  They have a good menu, and I normally get the roast chicken, but opted to try one of their weight watcher plates, and it was… weird.
It claimed to have a 6oz ribeye.  It had roughly 4-6 ounces of something, but it was strip at best and more likely round, but we’ll let that go as it was muy lean, and that’s a good thing.  It also came with a hard boiled egg which was tasty, but odd, and about 1/2 cup of cottage cheese.  Add to that a few olives, a tomato slice, and a few onion slices, and we have our meal.  It was good.  The beef was bland and unseasoned, but filling enough.
Laurie was going to be late getting home for dinner (real late), so I just grabbed one of the leftover dogs as a snack to keep me from hitting the more damaging chips or something like that.  I won’t argue that a dog is the best nutritional choice in the world, but it fit calorically, and they’ll go to waste otherwise.  Laurie will be home late tonight as well, so they remaining two will probably make up my dinner along with a nice salad.