Today shall forever more be known as V.W. –or Victory over Wendy’s– Day!  Thursday was supposed to find me on the road to Chicago to pick up my daughter, but she couldn’t get on the plane (standby), so I ended up taking advantage of the 5-8 time slot by sleeping in.  5am to 8am seems to be the only time my body is guaranteed to sleep peacefully, so I did not want to waste the opportunity.  Sadly, this meant that once I’d run my morning errands, I didn’t arrive on campus until about 11 when there were no freakin’ parking spots to be found anywhere on the bleeding campus!!!!  Gah!

UMich, parking… don’t get me started!

After driving around for a good 45 minutes, I called up to my assistant manager to come downstairs, and we’d go grab a bite to eat whilst I waited for a spot to open.  Sadly, she chose Wendy’s (happily, she paid).  Wendy’s home of the Chocolate Frosty and the newly delicious-fied Hot-N-Juicy Hamburgers.

Let’s be honest, I walked in there ready to hop right back off the diet train…

…but when I got to the counter, a remarkable thing happened.  Rather than ordering a Double Combo (that’s the #2) with a medium frosting, I found myself asking for the Ultimate Chicken grill, a caesar side salad and a bottle of water.  I did the right thing because a burger was not worth it.  Go figure.

Of course, when I got to the table, they had given me a cup of tap water (which is fine as I’m a big supporter of tap water, and it’s free…I had just assumed that they had gone the McDonalds’ route and no longer offered tap water once they added bottled to the menu), the side salad and a grilled chicken club.  No worries though, I just pulled off the bacon, tossed the croutons to account for the mayonnaise rather than mustard on the sammich and only used a few drops of the dressing to wet the leaves.  All told, we’re talking a fast food meal that only came to 500 calories, was filling and tasty… next time I want some ruddy mustard though… and not that honey mustard crap… proper mustard.

But that’s neither here not there.  I put myself in a situation to blow my diet and calmly opted not to.  And that’s a good thing.  So let’s run the numbers, shall we?

Food Intake:

  • Breakfast – Granola Bar and Banana (a classic), multivitamin and fish oil pill – 260 calories
  • Lunch – Ultimate Chicken Grill (sorta) and Caesar side salad – 500 calories
  • Afternoon snack – Frozen Fun Size Milky Way – 75 empty calories
  • Evening snack – Sugar(esqe) cookie – 150 even emptier calories
  • Dinner – Chipotle Steak fajita burrito with homemade guacamole salad on the side – 915 calories

1900 calories total.

That’s pretty close to the 2000 calorie mark, so I’ll take it.  I put in 30 minutes of aerobic activity that burnt an unknown number of calories and which I will discuss at a later date.

As for now, it’s Friday morning and a new game has begun!