Pardon my little hiatus, but there was much traveling to be done.  I hope you all had a happy holiday.  Brittany was home (well, not home… on the road with us… which is as good as home for our purposes), so that made everything perfect.

My holiday lacked any food-related debauchery.  Of course, it also lacked any meaningful dieting.  I didn’t gorge or stuff myself, but I also helped myself freely to the soda bottle and ate my three squares quite squarely.  Only a few desserts over the week, but still.  I had planned on ignoring the calorie count on Thanksgiving… not making a week of it.

Such is life.

The question is, did I manage to get back in the saddle?  The answer is yes… but it was a bit of a struggle.  Interestingly, today a coworker asked if I wanted to run out and grab some lunch, and I just automatically said yes and was fully prepared to step off of my diet.  However, I took a few minutes to gather myself and surprised myself by begging off and stating that I’d rather stay on my diet for the day.

Go figure.  It was the right thing to do.

So how did the diet go?  Let’s run the numbers.

Food Intake:

  • Breakfast – The return of the smoothie – healthy, easy and delicious – 350 calories
  • Lunch – Yoplait blueberry yogurt and a tangerine – 220 calories
  • Afternoon snack – Fiber One Oatmeal and Chocolate bar – 140 calories
  • Dinner – Leftover pork roast, twice-baked potato (frozen) and pico de guaco salad – 750 calories
  • Evening snack – watermelon – 140 calories

1600 calories total.  A good day, food-wise… and check it.  Only one serving of meat.  I imagine that will be two servings tomorrow, but I haven’t fully worked out the plan yet.  Tomorrow is a special day.  Be sure to tune it to find out why.